World Sickle Cell Disease Day 2023

Raising awareness about sickle cell disease is crucial for building a supportive and inclusive society for individuals living with this condition.

Our team representatives joined @oa_initiative _ , Ayeni Idowu Sickle Cell Foundation and SCDAC to walk against sickle cell disease prevalence in Ekiti state, today.

The walk took off from Fajuyi to Okesa Market: Information on free medical care for warriors & the importance of knowing one’s genotype was disseminated. There were also free drugs, a PCV test, a malaria parasite check, and free consultations for individuals. Information Education Communications (IECs) materials on โ€œWhat to know about sickle cell diseaseโ€ were distributed.

As an organization, we keep supporting harnessing advocacy tools through awareness campaigns which can foster a sense of community and support for individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease and also helps to reduce stigma and promotes inclusivity, ensuring that those living with the condition are understood, accepted, and supported by society.

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