2023 General Election Review on Women Participation in Election

We recently participated in a one-day dialogue organized by Women Situation Room Nigeria (WSRN) on “Assessing Violence Against Women and Women’s Participation in the 2023 General Elections.” The dialogue focused on identifying trends and patterns that limit women’s political engagement and explored strategies for promoting women’s participation in the upcoming 2027 elections. Key areas of advocacy were discussed, particularly concerning the prevention of violence against women in politics, including during electoral processes.

WSRN reports on the 2023 general elections revealed the prevalence of various forms of violence against women, including physical, economic, and structural violence. Women voters, candidates, security agencies, and electoral bodies were affected by these forms of violence. Despite the efforts made by multiple stakeholders to enhance women’s political participation, the results of the recent general and state elections indicated a decline in women’s engagement.

As an organization, we are committed to strengthening the capacity of women through early sensitization efforts to encourage higher turnout and participation in the forthcoming elections.

26th July 2023.

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