The Boy Thrive Initiative paid GoldHeart Foundation a Learning Visit

Earlier today, the team lead of the Boy Thrive Initiative, Oluwanifemi Ayoola, paid a learning visit to our organization. She was warmly received by our executive director. During her visit, Oluwanifemi expressed her purpose for coming, which was to learn about the operations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). She shared her observation of a gap between the opportunities available to girls and boys, as there has been a predominant focus on empowering girls. She wanted to bridge this gap by starting an initiative to ensure that boys are not left behind.

Our executive director took the opportunity to guide Oluwanifemi through the basics of starting an NGO. He emphasized that starting an initiative driven by passion is more important than being driven solely by money. He provided her with insights on organizational development and structure, and also showed her the necessary documents she needed to organize as a starting point.

Additionally, our executive director encouraged Oluwanifemi not to neglect the needs of girls while addressing the social concerns of boys. He suggested that she leverage communities and volunteers to achieve the goals of her organization.

Filled with enthusiasm, Oluwanifemi decided to enroll herself and her team in our NGO Academy, known as the GoldHeart Charity Work Training Academy. This would provide them with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for developing and managing an NGO. She expressed her gratitude for this insightful opportunity.

In response, our executive director pledged support for Oluwanifemi’s initiative. As our organization focuses on organizational development as one of its thematic areas, we are committed to partnering with her to achieve her objectives.

5th February 2024.

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