Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstrual Hygiene Day Commemoration

โ€œMenstrual hygiene management (MHM) refers to the specific hygiene and health requirements of women during menstruation, such as the knowledge, information, materials, and facilities needed to manage menstruation effectively and privately.โ€

In commemoration of menstrual hygiene day 2023, GoldHeart Foundation in partnership with AONN Ekiti State enlightened about 30 students of Jacflorie Secondary School Ado-Ekiti, on the need to maintain proper menstrual hygiene. Nurse Oyeyemi Iseoluwa Esther educated them on the consequences of low menstrual hygiene, and myths that surround menstruation and demonstrated pad fixing on panties and disposal while Ademoroti Esther Hadassah introduced them to reusable pads as an alternative to ultra-modern pads.

The sessions were interactive with lots of reactions from the students, the students asked specific questions about reusable pads and the right nutrition during menstruation.

Educating young girls and boys on menstruation early is essential for breaking stigma, promoting gender equality, empowering girls, fostering supportive environments, improving overall health, and preparing them for adulthood. It is a crucial step toward creating a more informed, inclusive, and equitable society.

28th May 2023.

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