In continuation of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2024 activities, as a member organization of AONN Ekiti State, we joined Living World Mission and ECEWS in sensitizing over 30 adolescents and a few parents on menstrual hygiene management. We distributed sanitary pads to the girls at the Army Barracks in Ado-Ekiti.

Our executive director, Dowole Gold Moyinoluwa dispelled some myths and misconceptions about menstruation, and also shared information about the menstrual cycle with them. She encouraged the girls to openly discuss menstruation. Other facilitators trained the girls on proper handwashing techniques and how to fix their sanitary pads. They also taught the girls how to track their menstrual cycles.

It was an eventful and educative evening with the girls. They were happy to receive this enlightenment program, as it was the first time such an initiative had been brought to their community.

Menstrual education is important in creating a period-friendly world. Normalizing open discussions about menstruation and providing access to menstrual hygiene resources can help reduce stigma and ensure that all individuals can manage their periods with dignity.

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