During the Two-Day Training Workshop for Women and Girls with disabilities on Community Mobilization against GBV in Ekiti State, organized by Disability Not A Barrier Initiative with funding from Disability Rights Fund at Koltotel Hotel & Suites, Ado-Ekiti, on 29th -30th May 2024, our executive director played a pivotal role in facilitating two sessions.

The first session focused on the cultural norms and social norms that promote gender-based violence (GBV) in Ekiti State. Our executive director Dowole Gold Moyinoluwa emphasized the need to recognize that these norms are created by our society, and we have the power to reshape them in a way that helps prevent GBV. By challenging harmful cultural and social practices, we can contribute to reducing GBV in our community.

In the second session, our executive director sheds light on the reporting and referral pathway in Ekiti State. She highlighted the importance of the Ekiti GBV first responders such as the Ministry of Women Affairs, MDAs, NGOs, Ministry of Justice, and Office of Her Excellency, etc, and the role they play in ensuring that victims of GBV receive justice. She also emphasized the existence of the Ekiti Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) where comprehensive services are provided to GBV victims.

Our executive director encouraged all participants to become their brothers and sisters’ keepers to limit GBV in Ekiti. By supporting and looking out for one another, we can create a safer and more inclusive community.

We express our gratitude to DINABI for providing us with this opportunity to share our organizational strength through contribution to the dissemination of knowledge.

Let’s keep working together so we can make a lasting impact in eradicating GBV in Ekiti State.

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