Capacity Development Training for Orphanages

As a non-profit organization, GoldHeart Foundation and Victoriabenjaminfoundation recognize the significance of generating long-term revenue to ensure the sustainability of their operations. With this in mind, both organizations have taken proactive measures to support the staff of Mosadoluwa Orphanage Home in developing strategies for revenue generation, thereby reducing their reliance on donors.

The primary objective of these capacity-building efforts is to equip the staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to explore alternative avenues for generating revenue. By diversifying their income streams, Mosadoluwa Orphanage and Elderly Home can become more self-sufficient and less dependent on external funding.

To achieve this goal, GoldHeart Foundation and Victoria Ben Foundation provide training and resources to the staff of the orphanage home. We educated them on various ways to generate revenue, such as Social Enterprise Development;
Skill Development Programs; Fundraising Events; Collaboration with Local Businesses; and Grant Writing and Proposal Development.

Through these efforts, GoldHeart Foundation and Victoria Ben Foundation aim to enable financial sustainability within Mosadoluwa Orphanage and Elderly Home. By empowering the staff with the necessary skills and knowledge, they encourage self-reliance and enable the organization to continue its valuable work in supporting orphaned children and elderly people without solely relying on donors.

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