An Intervention Evaluation Visit to Ikole-Ekiti

As part of our duties saddled by @AsiwajuOladimeji & friends after the livelihood support intervention for Mrs. Tosin Akeju (Wife of the Late. Mr.Toyin Akeju, a farmer killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen on his farm in Ekiti State on Friday, March 5, 2021).

Wednesday, 8th February 2023, our team visited Mrs. Tosin Akeju unannounced in her shop at Isaba, Ikole-Ekiti, to assess the business progress set up for her last year, August 30th.

She was excited to see us as she knelt to say thank you once again for the support she received after the demise of her husband, killed by suspected herdsmen on his farm at Ikole.

She responded affirmatively “My business is growing and I have expanded than the way it was the last time you came, I have started selling bread to add with other stuff I have been selling. Thank you once again for your efforts. My four children are faring well and I get to provide for them through @AsiwajuOladimej & friends’ intervention.”

She appreciated the team and pray that we will all receive a help surprised.

Thank you Asiwaju Oladimeji and friends for the support given to her in order to have a sustainable livelihood.

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