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She has always had flair for advocacy as one whose parents worked at the judiciary; also, one who followed her mum to court sittings. That fueled her passion to become a lawyer. Alas, she was not given law but during NYSC, decided to make a change by participating in several outreaches to orphanages and care homes through her CDS-Millenium Development Goals group, now SDGs..

She is a graduate of Public Administration at both first and second degrees. She has attended conferences both locally and internationally as regards advocacy, public Administration, nation building  and international development. She is interested in academics with relevant published papers to her credit.

She is an ardent reader who has read many books, reviewed and still review monthly on her facebook time-line “Book review with Oluwadamilola.” and this has gathered lot of positive comments; encouraged people to read; even serve as a growth catalyst for people looking to build their public speaking skills.

As a writer and book project consultant, she has helped over forty-40 persons become authors; edited over 40 books that have crossed the oceans of the world; and taught over 50 people how to write.  She believes authoring books will transcend generations and leave lasting impact! She has received several awards and even gotten featured in a national newspaper ( Nigerian Tribune). She is also an author who has written on relationships, affirmations for writers, knowing one’s worth, etc.

In her quest for impact, she is a volunteer with several organizations and also one of the Board of Trustees of Goldheart Foundation- an organization that seeks to love, help and support vulnerable children. She leads a team of volunteers at The Oluwadamilola Abe Network- THOAN ( the organization organizes annual conferences for boys to see them turn out and live well.), where SDGs 4/5 are advocated for.

Oluwadamilola is a public speaker  who has spoken on Radio and written for several magazines. She speaks on personal development, writing, maximizing potentials, relationships and reaching for the top. She is a life-long learner always seeking to learn new things. Recently, she ventured into product management,in her usual parlance, “ you are your own greatest limitations.”

Oluwadamilola is a giver  who loves to travel, take pictures and in her being; lives are being transformed. She can be reached on all social media platforms – Oluwadamilola ABE.